Do you have a visible Basic (VB) program/application you wish to convert into a mobile application? excellent. you're on the right page then. as a result of we've a team of iOS and automaton developers WHO will convert your VB program/application into the app. allow us to build this time clear here. we tend to don’t have any ready-made device. To convert your VB program/application, our developers 1st know it, the functionalities it provides, and so produce a mobile app from the bottom. Totally, entirely bespoken mobile application.


  • Having a mobile app allows the app to be used on the go—virtually anywhere
  • Conversion of VB app to a mobile app increases usability, functionality and feature customization
  • Since all versions of the VB development environment are now retired and unsupported by Microsoft, you can re-imagine, revive, and recreate the user experience by converting legacy VB apps into mobile apps
  • VB programs usually run quicker on a mobile device
  • You can brand the app with your company’s identity or logo
  • If your app is intended for customers, you can choose to offer your app for downloading from the homepage of your website

And so on…

Converting VB applications to mobile apps has allowed several businesses to provide their customers and clients with that ‘Wow Factor,’ that keeps them coming back. For example:

Resorts / Spa / Hotel Industry

The welcome trade (spas, resorts, etc.) currently have the aptitude of giving their guests the choice to book a space or services, order food/room service, contact work, pay their bill, and a lot of employing a mobile VB app.

By victimization the tablets put in throughout the institution, guests have each pleasantness at their fingertips.

This front-end pill application are going to be supported by a sturdy web-based backside system that may even be organized in such the simplest way to permit you to look at the comings and goings in your business, in real time.

Retail Industry

For those within the retail business you'll use your VB-based code for making invoices and recording sales information. By changing the app to a mobile app, you offer users the flexibleness of on-line looking, self-service and a loyalty program for loyal customers.

In most cases like this, the app are going to be liberal to transfer, however you'll profit and get pleasure from the user’s enlarged loyalty and mobile/online looking experiences.

vb application into app

Cinema / Theaters

Cinemas and theaters use mobile VB apps for price ticket bookings/purchases, trailing of obtainable seating, posting of show times and listings, causation special offers to loyal customers, and more.

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