What is mobile App Development?
How Does it Work?

From idea to development, Rockwell Softech covers the complete mobile app development cycle, regardless of however numerous or advanced your requirements. Our ability to fulfill your requirements stem from our team of developers. Our agency have years of expertise in mobile app development and providing services and consultancy to various industries.

From successful startups like Glovo, Foodiini, and Bevy to our enterprise clients such as Nike, Saint-Gobain, McAfee, and Ferrari, we endeavor to streamline workflow, integrate functions into one seamless pattern, and successively increase the productivity of a commerce.

We have a team of 20+ associates (UI/UX designers, full stack developers, and quality analysts) in our work centers to deliver strategically designed and creatively crafted mobile application development services to take your business to the next level.

Our Services
Customized Business Solutions

We know what it needs to create an ideal iPhone application as we’ve already developed over 2100 iPhone apps of various classes. We know what will flip a raw app plan into a no-hit app.

With the deep understanding and experience of native iPad app development services, we tend to develop high iPad apps that add price to your business and your users’ lives.

Using latest technology and industry experience, our full-stack Android developers develop successful Android apps that is efficient and stable to cater heavy traffic.

We have an experienced mobile web development team, which is dedicated to delivering engaging mobile sites and apps with a user-friendly experience.

We aren’t developing games, however we have a tendency to ar creating experiences for players that take them to the new world of recreation. Got an interesting game app idea? Let’s turn it into a successful game.

Here, we’ve experience in making multi-platform mobile app solutions for each robot and iOS devices. Using PhoneGap, Xamarin and React Native, we offer custom app development that runs smoothly on multiple platforms.

1. Idea Validation & Understanding the Market

We have realized that not all ideas that come our way need to be converted into an epic solution, because some of them might just fail. We start with idea validation. A simple process denoted to testing the idea, and understanding whether it would succeed or not. If the idea is validated, and looks successful, we move on to understanding the market. We need to know how the market functions, who our competitors are for the product, and how they conduct their affairs.

Mobile app design process

2. Defining The Market

At this early stage, right before designing the mobile app, we try to define the target audience. This is done based on our insights, and a mapping of who we believe our target should be. We do a complete mapping, before we move forward. Before the actual designing begins, we plan thoroughly about the technology we would be using, the technical limitations we would overcome, and the technical aspects we would be including in the app.

3. Prototype Design

This is the part where we sketch, and serve our clients with the best possible prototypes that seem lucid and impart excellent experience. Our prototyping is done using various tools and techniques, and we share these with the clients. Once approved, we move towards development.