We Develop Fleet Management Solution for

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Corporate Fleet Companies

If you are an owner of a corporate fleet company with a number of private cars and drivers and looking to manage day-to-day fleet operations easily, then fleet management solution is the right option.

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Transportation & Logistics Companies

An owner of the transport and logistics company, who want to automate his fleet operations like truck & driver management, tracking and reporting.

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Flight & Aviation Companies

Develop your own fleet management solution for your flight and aviation company that allows you to manage your day-to-day flight operations and crew members.

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Shipping & Marine Companies

If you are shipping and marine company owner and want seamlessly integrated fleet management solution for safe and secure data to blow between vessels and onshore offices.

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Fleet Management
Solution Development

Rockwell Softech has experience in developing a wise and easy-to-use enterprise fleet management answer for your enterprise, giving everything that you simply ought to manage a fleet, whether or not you've got ten or 10000 vehicles and equipment. Here, we've a team of consultants to develop technologically advanced mobile app and web-based fleet management answer to set up dynamically of your daily fleet activity, manage drivers, automate driver assignments, and fleet monitoring and scheduling. Imagine with just a few clicks, you are managing all your disparate tasks like tracking, maintenance, analysis, and reporting on one single dashboard.

Fleet Management Solution Development


Benefits of Custom Enterprise
Fleet Management Solution

  • enterprise fleet management solution

    Make Data-driven Decisions

    Make additional educated fleet choices mistreatment time period knowledge of your fleets. You can dig deeper into your fleet fuel potency, price per mile, the entire price of operation and additional. Moreover, you'll be able to conjointly take advantage of divided news so as to judge totally different areas of your enterprise.

  • enterprise fleet management solution

    Boost Competence

    You can manage everything from workload forecasting to scheduling repair and maintenance procedures while sipping a tea in the office canteen. It will assist you to induce broad solutions for a unique facet of management and maintenance of fleets. As you'll conjointly predict workloads, therefore you'll save Brobdingnagian time whereas programming completely different tasks.

  • enterprise fleet management solution

    Enhance Productivity

    You can contour the complete enterprise fleet’s processes and modify all the manual tasks. Moreover, you'll be able to mechanically calculates metrics and instantly notified the proper parties concerning vehicle problems, low inventory quantities and a lot o.

  • enterprise fleet management solution

    Improve Fleet Safety

    By having a fleet management resolution in situ, you'll be able to get a chance to enhance safety habits. Moreover, fleet managers will simply analyze patterns, behaviors and habits of individual drivers. Making use of this information, you can make informed decisions on how to enhance driver habits and more.

  • enterprise fleet management solution

    Automated Fleet Reports

    Fleet management resolution also will profit you to urge machine-controlled fleet reports on hourly, daily, weekly, or a monthly basis, reckoning on your demand. With detail reports on the fleet, you will comprehend the habits of your fleets to be able to make adjustments based on the analysis.

  • enterprise fleet management solution

    Boost Overall Customer Service & Satisfaction

    You can improve load delivery time by providing a lot of economical services to all or any your shoppers disregardless the operation you run. When your customers will get delivery on time and high-quality service, it enhances the overall customer service and satisfaction, resulting in increased customer retention rate.



Our Enterprise Fleet Management Solution
Development Process

  • enterprise fleet management solution

    1. Requirements

    Initially, our business representative will contact you. He can contact you to understand your enterprise fleet business and its necessities. Then, he will discuss whether you want to develop a mobile or web-based solution to automate and manage your fleet.Wireframing.

  • enterprise fleet management solution

    2. Wireframing

    It’s time to create a blueprint structure of your net or app-based fleet management answer. Our business analyst can create a wireframe of every screen in order that you'll be able to perceive the aim of various screens, features and specification.

  • enterprise fleet management solution

    3. Designing

    Now, our old planning team can begin planning your own enterprise fleet management answer. Based on your necessities sort of a mobile or web-based answer, our team will design your solution with graphic, perfect color scheme, subject and iconography.

  • enterprise fleet management solution

    4. Development

    At this stage, our development team will start developing your enterprise fleet management solution that will automate your daily fleet activity like managing drivers and drivers assignments.

  • enterprise fleet management solution

    5. Testing

    The essential step of the method is to check your developed enterprise fleet answer. Here, we've AN old team of quality assurance, who will ensure that your developed solution is bug-free and running smoothly.

  • fleet mangment solution

    6. Deployment

    We will conjointly beware of readying a part of your fleet answer. We will deploy your enterprise fleet answer to your server and create it obtainable for your business.

Why Choose Rockwell Softech to Develop Enterprise Fleet Management Solution?

We have an ardent team of specialists, WHO optimizes your enterprise fleet by connecting and securing your fleet and personnel on one platform. Here, we will develop customizable fleet management resolution, serving to you to form right vehicle decisions, confirm the proper time to interchange aged vehicles, monitor drivers and their activities, track fleet’s activity to ensure you hit your budget.

Our experts make use of the right tools and technologies to make sure that everything runs smoothly, giving you the freedom to focus on running and expanding your business. Whether you own or lease your fleet, and whether it consists of a few vehicles or a few thousand, Rockwell Softech is the right choice for your fleet management needs due to our years of expertise within the trade, full-stack developers, and progressive approach to technology and techniques.