Enterprise Mobile Apps
For Educational Institutes

Enterprise Mobile Apps For Educational Institutes

Simple, Secure, and Managed Implementing a Mobility Solution for the 21st Century Classroom

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Things are evolving so as technology systems. With introduction of cloud-based systems, the term “Enterprise” that was used earlier with a limited group of people has also expanded its reach to small medium sized organizations.

Enter Education as an industry, which is experiencing technology transformation in almost every area. May it be providing digital training, may it be conducting online examinations or anything in between, and you’ll experience technological transformation in every area of the industry.

Conventional systems of learning, teaching and researching eat up sizable amount of your time that could have been invested in the core of education itself.

Research organizations and analysts have predicted that Mobile Applications will be an important component in the growth path of Education as an industry.

There are selected issues in Education that Mobile Applications Industry is in the process of solving.

With Apps tailored to specific education or coaching needs, enabling faculties or educational houses to provide management information and decision support systems, Education Systems that leverage Enterprise Mobility are ahead of the game from both, value creation and sizing the bigger market share perspectives.

Rockwell Softech understands the need of your educational institute no matter if it is School, Coaching Class or University, and can come up with custom mobile applications that are powered by cloud systems such as Amazon Web Services and provide state of the art enterprise solutions that will not only serve the business’s basic information management needs but can contribute in taking the institute to a whole new dimension.

Benefits of Mobility

Enterprise Mobile Apps For Educational Institutes

Increased Productivity

Enterprise Mobile Apps For Educational Institutes

Increased Overall Business Efficiencies

Enterprise Mobile Apps For Educational Institutes

Cost Savings

Some of the areas where Rockwell Softech can help educational institutes:

  • Subject specific customized learning program that can provide different kinds of learning materials such as resources, notes, eBooks, videos and more through the cloud.
  • Two way interactive messaging Mobile App between Student and Teacher.
  • Mock examination system for students.
  • User definable Survey App that can be used to perform research in a specific subject.
  • Cloud powered Video eLearning System that can stream over different platforms such as web, mobile and tablets.
  • Case based training app that can be used to facilitate case-based learning system.
  • Searchable knowledge-base that can be accessed via desktop, web, mobile or tablet.
  • SOA powered web based Back-office systems for Educational Institutes that can provide decision support across multiple devices.
  • App that is created to exclusively promote your educational institute.
  • Online Fees collection and reminder system.
  • Document Management System for the institution.

Rockwell Softech provides one-stop solution for all the business needs of educational institutes.

Enterprise Mobile Apps For Educational Institutes

Significance of Enterprise Mobility in above listed systems is huge. Any educational institute is an enterprise and would have the needs that an enterprise would have. These needs include having backend systems, learning programs, online fees collection and other collaboration systems and more.

When Rockwell Softech team creates either of above or an otherwise education institute related system, they consider its mobile user experience as well. A large number of people would be expecting these systems via their mobile or tablet devices, and hence it cannot be overlooked.

Educational Institutes get benefits of the edge that Rockwell Softech has as the best mobile app development company who has delivered a large number of systems that run across multiple platforms including different mobile devices.

If you are an educational institute, no matter how big or small, drop us a line and talk to our business analyst who will not only understand your requirement but also help you better understand technical side of the things that can empower your business for years to come.

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