The evolution of mobile has led to a transformation in mobile design as well. Somethings never change though- the need for an enriched user experience.

Rockwell Softech offers amazing designs coded cleanly to enrich the end user’s experience for guaranteed engagement. We combine years of experience with in-depth domain knowledge to give out interfaces that are coded clean and enclosed in latest trends. We follow industry best practices and have created our own unique mobile app design process to speed up things. We align the design to the goal, and cause a positive impact on your mind.

Mobile App Design Process

We have created a unique process based on our past experiences, and quite a few learning from the mistakes we have made on the way.

Idea Validation

We have realized that not all ideas that come our way need to be converted into an epic solution, because some of them might just fail. We start with idea validation. A simple process denoted to testing the idea, and understanding whether it would succeed or not.

Understanding the market

If the idea is validated, and looks successful, we move on to understanding the market. We need to know how the market functions, who our competitors are for the product, and how they conduct their affairs. We also uncover the gaps that probably exist in the market at this moment in terms of technology etc.

Defining the target

At this early stage, right before designing the mobile app, we try to define the target audience. This is done based on our insights, and a mapping of who we believe our target should be. We do a complete mapping, before we move forward.


Before the actual designing begins, we plan thoroughly about the technology we would be using, the technical limitations we would overcome, and the technical aspects we would be including in the app. This would also include choice of platform, which would make designing easy. We know at this stage which OS guidelines to follow.

Prototype Design

This is the part where we sketch, and serve our clients with the best possible prototypes that seem lucid and impart excellent experience. Our prototyping is done using various tools and techniques, and we share these with the clients. Once approved, we move towards development.

Mobile App Design Trends 2017

Each year the trends keep changing with time, and we stay updated with the latest ones at the moment. We have been incorporating the trends in all our designs to keep the uniqueness afloat These are just some of the major trends that will impact UX design in the coming year. We aim to incorporate these trends for a better mobile app experience.

Minimalistic Interface

Our mobile app designers and product designers have always been forced to keep minimalistic designs, and it has become a trend. The reason being if the design has too many elements, it may lower the user experience.

Progressive on-boarding

If you have a progressive and intuitive on-boarding, it becomes easier for your users to engage with you, and be comfortable with how to use it.


Everything needs to be personalized for the user. If it is aligned to the use and needs of the end user, you already have a conversion for your mobile app.

Animation & Motion UI

The visually rich app demands for more animation that can engage the users. You may need to incorporate rich animation and motion UI to your app.

Virtual Reality

As users are moving towards VR, it has become important for mobile app designers to incorporate VR based mobile design for greater on-boarding and better experience.

Mobile App Design Cost

App designing cost includes many aspects, and the deliverables as well as the hours estimated to deliver the action. There are three aspects to mobile app design:


We conduct complete market research, consumer research and in-depth understanding of the target to build insights, use cases and stories. We basically have focused discussions, A/B testing etc. to conduct analysis. Takes close to 20-40 hours.

Prototype Design

Based on the market analysis, we define user experience design, validate the concept and also develop prototypes of the design. We have sketches and interactive prototypes for easier validation. Takes close to 40-80 hours.

Visual Design

We also design the look and feel of the product which include the logo, icons and screens. Takes close to 80-300 hours.

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